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Sarcator – Sarcator

sarcator – sarcator

Fresh deadly Thrashin’ blood from Sweden by some young blokes…and some very young blokes. If my info is correct we are dealing here with an age ranging from 15 till 21, a ranging of age that was more common in the Scandinavian Black and Death scene in the 90s comparing it with the current days.

A couple of EPs and a compilation (of those EPs) were released prior to the self-titled debut and contains a fine slab of old school Thrash. And when you listen to “Manic Rapture”. “The Hour of Torment” or “Circle of Impurity”, you understand guitarist Mateo Tervonen (son of Marko Tervonen) have heard a lot of The Crown at home, in the car, when somebody called his dad and his ringtone “Executioner – Slayer of the Light” went off….Furious riffs, leads and drums, it doesn’t need to be that difficult.

Some old school Teutonic Thrash mixed with the fury of The Crown’s “Hell Is Here” ’till “Crowned in Terror” albums…not a single complaint here! (Ricardo)