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Saqra’s Cult – The 9th King

saqra’s cult – the 9th king

Belgium spawned out some killer extreme metal bands the last years. Saqra`s Cult are amongst them, a discovery I made 2 years ago when they released their debut “Forgotten Rites”. For 2019 a new Black Metal effort is announced. An album that starts with some evocation spells before straight forward war machines are unleashed, some up tempo beat black thrashing metal that leaves no prisoners and releases darkness when the pace is slowed down, which I think is an excellent start.

The Inca themed band gives this ancient ritualistic feeling, keeping things aggressive, dark and fresh. Always alternating between up-tempo, mid-tempo and slow motion speeds makes the song flowing pretty well and keeps them interesting. Tremolopicking, single string chord playing and killer use of whammy bar to express their way of how Black Metal should sound. I recommend to listen to the record in its eternity. Interesting riffs, brutality, ferocity, variation and the feeling of ancient culture and Black Metal. Great successor to the debut. (DPF)