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Sanctum Sathanas – Xanthosis [EP]

sanctum sathanas – xanthosis [ep]

Black Metal directly influenced by the deepest cults of Death, Santa Muerte and Qayin lineage. Liber Falxifer has harvested a handful of bands using it formulas and incantations as mediums for epic black metal riffing and feeling, and Sanctum Sathana are no exception.

This band are no newcomers and they do know what they are doing. Everything here is played and sung with conviction and practice. Musicwise this EP will remind you the sound of Finnish classical hordes, however, only Chileans are capable to play this breed of Black Metal with the correct amount of aggressiveness and feeling. Great lay out in charge of Vestigia Flamae for the CD. I hope to see this on tape at some point with a different mix, since the only low point in the album at my judgement are the drums, they sound a bit forced and plastic. (N.)