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Sacrilegious Rite – De Poetica Tenebris [EP]

sacrilegious rite – de poetica tenebris [ep]

In our previous review, which was about the debut album called “Summoned from Beyond”, we mentioned that the influences “ranging from European Black/Death to South-and North American in a more simplistic manner”, and they still do on this EP.

Old School Black/Death Metal with a dark atmosphere, it is as simple as that. Grave Desecrator and Acheron were mentioned in the review of the full-length, and I would like to add Rotting Christ’s “Passage to Arcturo” EP as well, because this EP does have that “Old Coffin Spirit”. Everything comes together in the epic “Et diabolus incarnatus est”, which is an almost 12 minute opus of obscurity. Great job! (Ricardo)