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Sabrewulf – Mala Suerte

sabrewulf – mala suerte

Sabrewulf from Texas do their things their way, combining their Hardcore roots with the infamous HM-2 sound. Call it Crusty Death Metal, call it whatever you want, but it is done before (mostly American) and it wasn’t always a direct hit. Be it the overdose of typical Hardcore groove initiated by the drums or the more barking-gasping-for-air vocals instead of a good growl…there was always something that gave me the “ah..too bad!”-feeling.

Sabrewulf goes in the same direction, when you hear the drums you hear the Hardcore fundament of Sabrewulf and on “Ritual Skin” or “Coffin Nails” you hear the typical vocal style I mentioned before. If you are a HM-2 adept like myself, you will love the roaring guitar sound but your eyebrow will raise a bit at the rest with the twists you will hear on “Final Prayer” (of which the lyrics is an excerpt of R.E.M’s “Losing my Relegion”) to give you an example.

Although they made musical progress throughout the years, I can’t say “Mala Suerte” hits my top-10 list of 2020 when it comes to HM-2 related Death Metal. Refreshing for some, not the right combination for others. (Ricardo)