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Ruho – The Devout Thrum

ruho – the devout thrum

Finish icy lands. This time, in an atmospheric way, per se, but not less aggressive and rough. I am very keen on Atmospheric Black Metal. The likes of Wolves in the Throne Room or Drudhk are amongst my favourites, ever (and yes, I am totally aware of the disparities in sound, in each one of these bands, and I am also aware that some people might not find Drudkh to be an atmospheric bands, or even a band we could use the “Atmospheric Label” on… but I am old and I could not care less, with all due respect, obviously). The way they shape their sound, like not many other, is an exquisite and marvellous creation.

These Finns, Ruho, are following – consciously or not – the path layed by the aforemetioned bands, adding layers of rawness to an “old and rusty” ambiance. 4 lengthy tracks serve us, the listener, with moments of relentless Black Metal. Once again, it is quite unpretentious. Tunes that remind me of my small town in the North, on a rainy day, the solitude that is overwhelming and breath taking. A tireless drum work, everlasting, lashing and tireless. It’s Finland, with a pinch of Eastern Europe, from my perspective. It’s about forests and rainy nights.

It’s classic Black Metal that will ressonate on our minds, for long. It’s an album that asks for multiple listenings, attentive listenings. A powerful release from a band that has been around since 2009, released multiple Demos, EPs, Splits and only 1 Full-length prior to this one. An album worthy of everyone’s time. (DanielP)