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Rotting Christ / Varathron – Duality of the Unholy Existence [Split]

rotting christ / varathron – duality of the unholy existence [split]

This awaited split has had a lot of diffusion and great reception. The reason for this is the sum of different factors, including the union of the two Greek legends of melodic Black Metal (at a good time for both), the very selected song that each band has chosen and that demonstrates the whole concept that each one handles and, for complete, a great presentation and artwork.

Rotting Christ, the revered Greek band that has been back to its origins, presents a very unique song here. The ferocity of its fast parts and its exotic riffs to which we are accustomed are combined with sequences that, without losing speed, reduce the volume and distortion of the guitars, while the voice of Sakis is worked with a pitch effect. This rarity does not reduce the darkness of the song… on the contrary!

For its part, Varathron presents “Shaytan”, a very melodic and heavy song. In comparison with its previous “Patriarchs of Evil”, of a more aggressive line and faithful to what they did from the beginnings of the band, this song is more versatile and even epic. It is a good composition, which seems to have been created to make the difference, with very striking choruses and melodies that are quickly recorded in the brain.

A collection piece. (MarioR)