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Rotten – Cryptic Catacombs

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Within the last 2 decades, Dave Rotten (Drowned Productions, Repulse Records, Xtreem Music, Avulsed, Christ Denied, Putrevore etc.) have put himself in the history books of exxxtreme metal. Be it because of a stunning release or the popularity of Avulsed in Spain, but he did it. This time he started a solo project called Rotten. I don’t think he had some beers before he came up with the moniker…Everything concerning Rotten comes out of Dave’s hands. Instruments, vocals and recordings, only the artwork is made by someone else. Everything is done with the old DIY-attitude, as you get a home-made cassette with Xeroxed cover. Or as Dave stated: “the way I grew up listening to extreme music”. It is possible you have already guessed it, but you get a cassette filled with dark Old School Death Metal which could have been easily from the crypts of Hell. Not in the last place because of his putrid and utterly low growl. If you get some Incantation of the “Onward to Golgotha”-era and add the evil atmosphere and sound of Demoncy, I think you would have a nice picture of “Cryptic Catacombs”. If you’re into tapes and sinister Death Metal, support Rotten! (Ricardo)