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Rotten Casket – Simply Rotten Death

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Should I review less Old School Swedish Death Metal? Decisions…Decisions….well, let’s delay that decision and let me just tell you I enjoyed the demo of Rotten Casket from The Netherlands. Formed by 5 deteriorated souls who already have years of experiences in bands like Caedere, Bloody Remains, Pulverizer, Death Squad and Deifecation. The title of this demo stands for the type of music you can expect: Simply Rotten Death Metal. The Old School way! The Swedish Way! You will hear the more primitive version of the Swedish scene, let’s say the kind you heard in the early days of the golden years. If you are into leads and solos, you will not get a lot of satisfaction while listening to this demo. Rotten Casket is more Nirvana 2002 than Carnage sort of speak. Not only you will find 4 tracks of their own, you will also hear 2 covers, which you won’t hear a lot. Kuddos for that! First one is Paradise Lost’s “Drown in Darkness” (of their 1988 demo “Paradise Lost”), which is renamed in “Drowned in Darkness”. Maybe a wink towards Entombed? The second one is Gorefest’s “Tangled in Gore”, a fine hymn indeed. If I’m correct they are more inspired by the 1989 “Tangled in Gore” demo version instead of “Mindloss” version. At the end you get what the title gives away: Simply Rotten Death Metal. (Ricardo)