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Revolting – Hymns of Ghastly Horror

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The 4th full-length within 4 years. Is Rogga Johansson with all his bands and projects even human? If you would slit his throat…would there be blood spilled all over the place or would you hit an electronic fuse and cause malfunction? If you are familiar with Revolting, you already have a good idea about the goods that are being delivered. Old School Death Metal in the Swedish vein and Horror based lyrics and ditto artwork. As with the previous releases there are some melodic guitar ideas in the later Dismember style (“Prey to Katahdin”), or Evocation during “Dead Calm Chaos”…or Desultory during “Counting our Scars”. All this without sounding anything like late At The Gates. And ofcourse straightforward death metal riffs which made Unleashed famous (listen to the starting riff of “The Hatchet Murders”) combined with Rogga’s low growl. A disadvantage of this album is the constant use of a “howling” guitar during quite some tracks. Completely useless and even annoying in my humble opinion! Rogga even starts with it in “Their Thoughts can Kill!”. Leave it or come up with a better lead. At the end; decent album which meet the expectations, still less “howling” guitars would increase my listening hours. (Ricardo)