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Reveler – The Hour of Fright [Demo]

reveler – the hour of fright [demo]

It is crystal clear the anonymous sick bastards behind Reveler didn’t change their formula of Death with the second demo “The Hour of Fright”. The stench still dwells…only this time with a new drummer as Digestio left after the “Disgorged Viscous Spews” demo…or he is buried alive somewhere, maybe cooked and eaten even…still no drummer, so Tenebra and Cruciatus recruited Exhumus to fill in the vacant spot behind the drum kit. I just hope he will keep one eye open when he sleeps…

As said, the formula didn’t change, so the love for horror z-movies and rotten mid-tempo Old School Death Metal is present and oozing like pus from a wound. The difference between the two demos is the sound of the bass which is more to the foreground with this demo, the lower growl and the more doomy and primitive approach. The songs are also longer than on the first demo as on this demo the tracks are between 5 and 6 minutes, while the first demo beholds 2:46 and 3:48 tracks. It just emphasizes the increase of adding the Doom part to their already mid-tempo Old School Death Metal. Safe to say it is still Rottrevore and Deteriorot, this time with some early Incantation and to pick something from the “nowadays-category”; Putrevore.

Offerings of rotting blood…Necromancer of the night, a devotee of ancient rites! Surely give it a listen if you’re interested to take a job as a mortician and you like some motivating background music during your work. Who knows, maybe you will find a drummer on your table… (Ricardo)