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Repugnizer – Face Melting Apocalypse [Demo]

repugnizer – face melting apocalypse [demo]

A couple of beers and Repugnizer was born in the rehearsal room of Cadaveric Fumes. When not all your musical ideas are murky, dark and massive Old School Death Metal hymns, you have to come up with something new that will fit all those ideas.  Repugnizer is the physicalization of all Old School Death/Grind ideas the blokes of Cadaveric Fumes have.  The sound is absolutely rehearsal-room filthy yet audible and music wise it is not completely chaotic full speed ahead, but certainly in a fine Impetigo and Repulsion stampede that will make the common skull-crusher goes bananas. Let me add old Master to the riffs and you will get a nice slab of late 80s grinding Death Metal that will fulfil the necromantic urges you’re having. Can’t go and wander around the cemetery every night, can you? (Ricardo)