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Ravenzang – Uit een duister verleden

ravenzang – uit een duister verleden

Ravenzang (which means Chant of the Ravens in Dutch) from the Netherlands are a band formed by the excommunicated duo of Imperiosus and Vaal, the latter also active in his own band; Vaal. They released two demos, “Ravenzang” and “Terugkeer der Tirannie”, prior to their debut album – which translates as “From a dark Past”.

After a short, dark but epic overture “Bloed Onder Volle Moon” kicks off in full speed. The album has a big ass heavy drum sound, an audible bass, razorsharp guitars and a depraved crackling voice. I’ve always liked a heavy production in Black Metal music, as well as sick vocals. The venom and darkness that emanates from this album can be compared to the “A Thousand Swords” album from Graveland. Most songs are way faster though and even carry some punkish Ildjarn influences in the really fast parts, although the guitar riffs aren’t as primitive nor repetitive. “Stervend Licht” and the sublime “Terugkeer der Tirannie” pump up the adrenaline and let it flow like an electric current  through your veins.

“Heilweg”, “Woud der Schaduwen”, “Hellevorst”, “Verzet van de Falwaz” are real gems. Visions of witches, unholy rituals and other folkloric abominations from the dark middle ages slowly come to life while listening to this album.

Ravenzang do have a sound of their own – although slight influences/inspiration from bands like Graveland, old Lugubrum and even Moonblood can be heard. “Uit Een Duister Verleden” offers 7 high quality tracks in all – too bad the album clocks out  after 29 minutes of pure Black Metal extasy.

This KILLER album get my thumbs up as well as my sincere recommendation. What a debut album! Those who want to purchase a copy of this little masterpiece, you might want to check out the Vaal album as well. (LV)