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Rancorum – The Vermin Shrine [EP]

rancorum – the vermin shrine [ep]

Here is another example of old-school Death Metal done right. Great grooves, excellent pace and fantastic lead guitar work, and to top it off, great vocals. This first release from Romanian death metallers is impressive as a first release. If they carry on in this way, they have a bright future ahead of themselves.  You would think that this album/ep was recorded by veterans of the scene because of how perfect the execution is.

Old-school death metal is on the rise again and Rancorum are doing it perfectly. I just wish that it was a full length album as I was wanting more after the final song ended. I have been into Death metal since its inception, and it takes a lot for a new band to excite me as much as this EP does. If these Romanian guys can stay together and not just fade away, I think they have a great career ahead of them. Next time release a full length and blow us away even more than you have with this EP. Calling this EP a regular old-school death metal release would do it a massive disservice as it does offer something fresh towards the later songs on the EP. I can see these guys destroying pits all over in every club they play. The music is so contagious and relentless without being over the top in the speed department

I cant think of anything else to say, except for that I enjoyed this EP immensely and I am very excited to see these guys grow as artists. Don’t change a thing but progress. You are doing it right! (Pazuzu)