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Pyreficativm – संसार का पथ

pyreficativm – संसार का पथ

This year saw the first full length release of the enigmatic Chilean Melek R.N. under the project name Pyreficativm. Coming in at approximately 71 minutes over nine tracks, the ritualistic journey found herein is not for the impatient. In reality, I didn’t get through it the first time I tried. I was listening in the car on the way to work and switched to something else for the ride home. Later, when I saw this available to review for this outlet, I was reminded that I had found the music to be quite magnetic and decided to give it another try.

In preparing to review “संसार का पथ”, I gave it a full listen, through quality headphones, in a darkened room with no distractions. In that setting, the dark, majestic, horrific beauty of this creation dug deep into my psyche. This album is black metal only in a broad sense. Themes of the occult are certainly present and the album is unrepentantly dark, but if you are looking for raging tremolo riffs and waves of blasting, look elsewhere. It’s not even that these things don’t make an appearance here. They certainly do, along with rapturous female vocals, bells, quiet and space. The beauty of the album is intense, gripping. This is the quiet of a dark forest at night with hunting wolves about to close in on their prey. This is the quiet of the parent sacrificing their child. “संसार का पथ” is hard to describe, beyond description really. It is outside the realm of most other music. My strongest recommendation is to take 71 minutes, your best headphones, and a darkened room and take the journey for yourself. Thank me later. (Hayduke X)