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Putrid Evocation – Promo Advance MMXIII [Demo]

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What I love about South American Death Metal? It’s pure, it’s obscure and it’s dark. For me, be it the Brazilian scene like Sepultura’s “Bestial Devestation”, Krisiun’s “Black Fore Domain”, Sarcofago’s “Rotting” or bands like Hadez, Mortem and Anal Vomit, those three elements are always present. After hearing Putrid Evocation from Chile, I have the same feeling again; it’s pure, it’s obscure and it’s dark. The sound on this promo has a huge rehearsal room vibe, yet everything is auditable. Musicwise they combine the South American rawness with a bit of Swedish Death Metal rhythms in the starting days of that scene and slower Autopsy. No wonder Xtreem Music signed this band! (Ricardo)