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Puteraeon – The Crawling Chaos

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Since the “Fascination for Mutilation” demo, back in 2008, things have changed for Putreaeon…and to be honest, some things haven’t changed. It’s still the same line-up since their “The Esoteric Order” debut album, they still have a deal with Cyclone Empire, Andy LaRocque produced this one as well, and last but not least, they still are playing their Old School SweDeath with heart. So what have changed? Well, after summing what didn’t change, there aren’t a lot of items left. Let’s just say Putereaon stayed Puteraeon. These Swedes choose to play their Entombed-art a bit more midtempo (5 tracks are above 5 minutes, the influence of Autopsy can be heard in these tracks); still there are some tracks with uptempo slaughter as well. For example “Path to Oblivion”, where vocalist Jonas Lindblood does his Dave Ingram-style impression and the chorus is unmistakably Dismember at the end of their career as I immediate heard an “Under a Bloodred Sky” connection. The moment Puteraeon is mixing up the well-known Buzz saw sound with a more Doom/Death approach is when “Welcome Death” kicks in. “The Crawling Chaos” is an album which isn’t spectacular, but still a fine one to purchase. (Ricardo)