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Purtenance – Sacrifice the King [EP]

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Back in the early 1990s, 1992 to be more precise, Purtenance is one of those bands in the Scandinavian Death Metal scene who made one album and disappeared. The album “Member of Immortal Damnation” has been considered as an underground (Finnish) Old School Death Metal classick. After 20 years Purtenance is back with some new material, and like 20 years ago, they are being supported by Dave Rotten (back then by Drowned Productions and this time Xtreem Music). If you are familiar with “Member of Immortal Damnation”, forget that album when you are going to listen to “Sacrifice the King”, as there are some differences. This EP doesn’t have the authentic sound as their debut and the Death Metal is more straightforward and less “Doom”, more Deicide like at some parts sort of speak. Nothing wrong with Deicide, only the rhythm riffs are a bit uninspiring. New vocalist Ville isn’t really an asset as well. The leads are more in the Doom/Death Metal style which makes the EP above average. Maybe it would be a better idea to have released this with another band moniker, as the reputation of their debut will keep on haunting them. If you ask me, not really a successful comeback…I expected more of this one. As they are working for a 2013 release, I’ll keep my fingers crossed for that one.(Ricardo)