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Prezir – As Rats Devour Lions

prezir – as rats devour lions

As Rats Devour Lions? Must have missed that National Geographic item…Prezir from the USA play their Black Metal mostly fast and a bit thrashy using a nice touch of melody that has its roots in the 1990s. And due the experience within acts like Khazaddum and Promethean Parallax you will hear some Death Metal as well.

The Serbian-rooted core of Prezir, they even adopted the double-headed eagle in their logo, draw their inspiration with bands like Deströyer 666 (the Black/Thrash hybrid approach), Dawn (the melodies), Slayer (the howling solos) and Angelcorpse (what is left…) and make an extreme form of metal that can be heard on this debut full-length. The variation created by the use of melody, is a welcome asset to keep the album interesting ‘till the end. And although I do think the best songs are in the first part of the album, there is nothing wrong with decent effort. (Ricardo)