Extreme Metal Fanzine est. 2012

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Praesagium – A través de la unión hacia la nulificación [EP]

praesagium – a través de la unión hacia la nulificación [ep]

From all the edges and projects from Q.W´s mindset this is for me the best one. The first print run was made with regular tapes with stickers using the great Sebastian Frigerio´s artwork in red, depicting the never-ending bound of the chalice of knowledge. Later on, a batch of silk-screened tapes were done with the artwork in b/w and released by Qalmana.

Music wise, the riffs varies from slower nostalgic and almost meditative trance-like tempos to traditional bass drum/ snare speed. Everything done, rooted and influenced by mid nineties true Black Metal. Totally mind-blowing Black Metal with soulful blood freezing riffing that penetrates your dreams. Lyrics are into 218 current fitting the musick perfectly, if you speak or understand Spanish, they are a must read. (N.)