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Plague Weaver – Through the Sulphur Eyes [EP]

plague weaver – through the sulphur eyes [ep]

‘Through the Sulphur Eyes’ is the 2020 self-released EP from Canadian Black Metal band Plague Weaver, and the follow up to this duo’s self-titled EP from the year previous. Featuring five tracks, ‘Through the Sulphur Eyes’ tries from the very start be a slow, brooding entity with nightmarish multi-personality vocals and harrowing harmonics. Unfortunately the end result is a garbled mess and the focus on said vocal style completely eclipses the under-produced drums and the almost undecipherable riffs. Plague Weaver do manage to conjure up a grim, bleak atmosphere so props for that, but the actually music is stodgy, disconnected and underwhelming.

As the EP progresses each individual element seems to crowd against each other to the point that all that you can hear is a rumbling solid mass of  noise. I don’t like panning a bands music because undoubtedly they will have put a lot of time and effort into what they have created. But with so many high quality bands out there producing excellent releases on a daily basis, I don’t understand how you would listen back to this and think that it holds up. I guess when it’s your own work you maybe truly blind to what’s in front of you, but as far as I can hear there is no cohesion between any of the elements comprising Plague Weaver and the end result is truly dreadful. (Luke Hayhurst)