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Pieces, Bits and Chunks – Ashen Horde / Bestialized / Coffincraft / Defiatory

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  • Review Date: September 21, 2017

Defiatory – Extinct

defiatory – extinct

The first album of this Swedish Modern Thrash combo, formed by some veterans of the scene. You getting some typical Swedish Neo-Thrash with recognizable Björler The Haunted riffs and some Slayer / Witchkrieg musical ideas, combined with a Jan-Chris de Koeier like vocals (late-Gorefest). Nice at some points, generic during other moments. (Ricardo)

Coffincraft – In an Eerie Slumber

coffincraft – in an eerie slumber

Deadly noise from the bowels of humane madness and sickness. Questions? Coffincraft from Finland doesn’t play their Old School Death Metal 100% Finnish way, as they lend a cup ‘o everything from a friendly neighbor called Sweden. And ok, a bit of Doom/Death as well on some occasions. Nothing wrong with this debut.(Ricardo)

Bestialized – Termestella Cvltvs

bestialized – termestella cvltvs

Black Metal horde Bestialized from Colombia with their 3rd effort which is filled with up-tempo Black Metal. They definitely have Marduk as their main inspiration (calling yourself “B-Mort” is hint too..maybe…) as it’s blasting throughout the whole album with some passages within a song you hear at Marduk’s after “Panzer Division Marduk” as well. Not a bad listen for fans of Marduk and first Unlord album. (Ricardo)

Ashen Horde – Nine Plagues

ashen horde – nine plagues

The second full-length of Hollywood one-man band Ashen Horde, can be described as Extreme Metal, with Black Metal as the main ingredient flavored with some Morbid Angel flakes. Lots of pace changes, twists in the vein of late Emperor and late Morbid Angel with hints of late Immortal now and then. Progressive to some, just technical for others. At the end, a so-so album. (Ricardo)