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Perpetual Demise – Arctic [Re-release]

perpetual demise – arctic [re-release]

Perpetual Demise was a Doom/Death band from The Netherlands and released 3 demos and only 1 full-length through DSFA Records before disbanding not long after the release. So, Doom/Death Metal from the Netherlands…Asphyx influences? Sempiternal Deathreign maybe? Delirium? No, Perpetual Demise wasn’t an ordinary Death/Doom Metal band as they have all kind of technical/progressive twists. VIC Records picked the debut album up and give it a remastering and new artwork. Because of the unusual twists some of you will be hesitant to check this one out, which is understandable (well, from my point of view). As a bonus the “When Fear Becomes…” demo has been added, which was released as 3rd demo in 1993. On this demo you will hear a more common Death/Doom band. No technical twist or strange strong structures there. As closer you will hear “Massacre to Be” of the same titled 2nd demo which was released in 1992. This track is a bit more primitive Death Metal than on the 3rd demo. If your fluids are running for Technical and Progressive Death/Doom with all kind of unexpected twists, give this one a listen although don’t expect a gem though. (Ricardo)