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Perihelion Gnosis – Syzygial Summoning [Demo]

perihelion gnosis – syzygial summoning [demo]

For any new bands out there who worship an old school sound, the ‘Syzygial Summoning’ demo is a thesis on how to get it just right. Even more remarkable is that this eleven minute opus is the debut offering from Quebecois Death/Doom duo Perihelion Gnosis. It all begins with slow crushing intensity of ‘Syzygial Summoning of His Pale-Skinned Majesty (Sacrifice of the Neverborn)’ which combines guitar leads that crawl with monolithic depravity to the extent that the hairs of my arms stand on end when I hear them. Deep, bowel churning guttural growls sound out of the gloom and soon the once measured and deliberate drum tones suddenly increase in velocity, the riffs charge into the action and now a colossal juggernaut of Death Metal fury and Doom Metal groove ploughs its way unstoppably forward in a sonic display of the most perfect ritualistic doom laden tones!

Closing out this masterpiece in charnel oozing death drenched glorification is ‘Nebular Hypothesis (The All-Mother’s Cyclical Un-Birth, Genesis of the Swarm)’ whose pace is swampy, caked in disgustingly foul and rotten waste, and whose riffs drip with punishing, molasses like rhythm. The vocals are even more sickening, more venomous! And the cavernous atmosphere more oppressive! Strap me down, and inject this demo directly into my veins because it is un-fucking-believable! (Marksson)