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Penny Coffin – Σκελετικο σκοταδι [EP]

penny coffin – Σκελετικο σκοταδι [ep]

Like the female orgasm, Scottish/Greek outfit Penny Coffin likes to build their intense, contrarian Death Metal up in a sluggish way, leaving you in doubt whether there will be a climax or not. The music created on ‘Σκελετικο σκοταδι’ is complex and unorthodox in a manageable way, you don’t have to suck on the tracks for days like a silly twat before the song structures start to sink in.

‘Skeletal Darkness’ takes its time to penetrate your skull, begetting a slow, hypnotic eight-minute mongrel guided by terrifying growls. ‘Jaws’ and ‘Finality’ are more straightforward yet as quirky as my three years old daughter after I forgot to feed her for four straight days. Penny Coffin fluently combines cervical vertebra shattering grooves, thunderous double bass rolls, weird sampling and whirlwind blast beats all perfectly molded in a cast iron production. You can almost feel the beads of sweat flying around you, when you hear the frightening intensity with which these gents attack their instruments.

A rousing EP that will leave you yearning for more. (Franki_boj)