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Pathologicum – Path of Darkness [Demo]

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The advantage and disadvantage of the digital era packed in one demo. Everyone can drop his musical debauchery on the internet…and everyone can drop his musical debauchery on the internet. Pathologicum seems to be one-man project or band from Cleveland, USA. The identity of the main individual is unknown, but he..or her…uses the alias Bastard Priest. Hmmm, probably the XY-chromosome version. The activities of Pathologicum are completely unknown as well, except for the online demo “Path of Darkness” which is described as “Murky death metal steeped in ancient grimoires and nocturnal wanderings”. The Death Metal is indeed murky, with doomy riffs and low growls. A lesser version of a murkier Cerkeloth mixed with a lesser version of Hooded Menace, yet it appeals me so much, I’m wondering how a second demo will sound like. (Ricardo)