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Pathetic – Rat King

pathetic – rat king

Canada is well known for Tech Death Metal artists and Thrash Titans, but can they Death Metal, the old way?

Yes sure! Pathetic from Calgary play rancid Death Metal and “Rat King” is their first full length. The sound is raw, muddy, swamp like and the first song “Natural Born Losers” crawls slowly before accelerating after the first half, generating a somehow Disma/slow paced Incantation feeling. The focus is on groovy rhythms and sludgy tones, with blast eruptions the Repulsion way. I can’t but think about a more fuzz driven version of Sadistic Intent with a certain rock feeling (sounds weird right?).

Clearly old fashioned Death Metal paired with other old fashioned sounds from the Metal and Rock spectrum. “The Fatal Charade” for example has an old Carcass taste with some old Death riffing and rock guitar solo! All about riffs here, what Metal is all about. The punkish attitude fits the overall sound pretty well, making it even more disgusting…oh yeah!

Just like Autopsy or Nekrofilth, these guys do their own mix, always putrid, always groovy always smelling of death and decay. One of the highlights is clearly “Going Postal”, THAT BASS! Kick ass punch, right in your face, Cardiac Arrest vibes here, just raw to the bone! If you don’t bang your head, why do you listen to Death Metal then?

The kickassery continues with the following tracks like the title track (Morbid Angelness), “Shetani”, with its Sepultura like (“Desperate Cry”) intro before the snare-artillery attacks or “Frozen to Death (The Starlight Tours” the magma crawling chaos.

Besides being raw, this record is very versatile, showing a wide range of influences and structures always to beware the headbanging factor high which should give them extra props for it. You can hear their origins but won’t declare them as copycats, it’s a very own mix and sound. Just listen to the “Phantom of the Opera” like riff in “Slob”, well incorporated into the overall Motörhead vibe.

“Rat King” is for the sewer one’s, those who like to smell the reek of putrefaction, who swim in filth and are obsessed by gore, who slaughter and laugh at a mental funerals and brush their teeths with Whiskey! Hail the Rat King, don’t be pathetic or do you? (DPF)