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Path ov Amok – Demo 2013

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Avant-garde Black Metal. Remember this kind of genre, it will be a rare one to be featured in this zine. Path ov Amok is the one-man delusional project of Morbus from Quebec, Canada, who also can be found in the line-up of Morbus Lupinus and Ancient Niggurath. The last one is also an Avant-garde Black Metal project (one demo) and the first one seems to be “normal” Black Metal, released a split and an EP, with a real drummer. But back to Path ov Amok, how Avant-garde is this? Well, if you consider Solefald as your standard…or Arcturus…or Vulture Industries (3 bands with their own different style, I know…), Path ov Amok isn’t that Avant-garde. Morbus uses a drum-computer, some sound-effects, clean vocals, screams, repeative riffs, riffs and melodies that aren’t common Black Metal…and voila, you have Avant-garde Black Metal. During the demo I hear hints of Tiamat’s John Edlund (clean vocals), some melodies of Christ Agony, some doomy Tristitia, end 1990s Samael…only not with the same quality. Not convinced yet. But I would like to hear the new demo if the songs are composed in the vein of “Till Death’s Morbid Satisfaction”. (Ricardo)