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Papa Necrose – The Souls Collector Vatican

papa necrose – the souls collector vatican

Papa Necrose comes crawling out of the Brazilian Favelas showing its black rotten teeth. Presenting their first full length, filled with sloppy Death Metal, raw and muddy with a crystal clear production, well defined bass lines and John Tardy’s chainsmoking cousin puking out the vokills.

Yes ladies, this is my kind of Death Metal, nothing fancy yet sharp and pointy. Mostly midpaced, sparingly firing off blastbeats to ensure dynamics. My favourite skull worm is “The Souls Collector Vatican”. After a spherical intro, the title song brings all the capacities of this band together. Doomy start, grooves and blasts, interrupted by fluent melodic leads. Obituary’s “Find The Arise”, a furious cover of this timeless classic, can not remain unmentioned, the vocalist and lead guitarist unleashing all their devils on this death metal beast.

And yes, being a Brazilian band they do swing, just like your grandma’s wrinkled left tit. (Franki_boj)