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Panzerchrist – 7th Offensive

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I always had a soft spot for Panzerchrist, mainly because of the great “Room Service” and “Battalion Beast” albums, the typical multi-layered vocals of Bo Summer but also the little gimmick to end all songs with the same phrase. Maybe the last thing is a bit stupid, but while listening it stands out after a while, which make Panzerchrist a little bit “unique”, sort of speak. The predecessor album, “Regiment Ragnarok”, wasn’t received very well. Possibly because of the line-up changes combined with two killer albums before “Regiment Ragnarok”. Also with “7th Offensive” Michael Enevoldsen aka Panzergeneral, the line-up changed drastically. Did it benefit the war machine? Well, “7th Offensive” does not match the two aforementioned killer albums, but it is without any doubt as solid as the Köningstiger/Panzerkampfwagen VIB Tiger II. Still I’m not totally convinced by the low tedious growl of vocalist Søren Lønne. But maybe I have to cut him some slack and stop comparing him with Bo Summer. It’s not like it is not fitting in, but some variation could do the trick. Once again the riffs and leads are more than good and alternating. The melodic riff during “Mass Attack of the Lychantrope Legion” is a good example of it. The Panzergeneral really manages to create a diverse Death Metal album which is brutal yet there is always room for a melodic or groovy twist. (Ricardo)