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Pandemonium [POL] – Nihilist

pandemonium [pol] – nihilist

After a 5 year absence we finally have the follow up to Pandemonium`s “Misanthropy”. These old Polska Black metalmaniacs should be known to every black metal die hard out there, being one of the oldest and best extreme metal acts from Poland. Samael, Celtic Frost, Bathory were always mentioned as important influences, and we still can find them on their newest effort. But do not expect to hear only copycats, you`ll be wrong. Pandemonium manage to transport some of the feelings of their influences into other territories, being able to sound fresh with an own sound, a crushing sound (the production is fantastic). The tracks are mostly mid tempo bangers, dark, HEAVY (Triptykon couldn’t do it better). The leads give me some chills and help to give the songs the last diamond needed to fulfil this masterpiece. If you like dark, heavy-crushing slow paced black metal don`t hesitate to buy this. Fully recommended.  (DPF)