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Paingiver – Deorum Mortis [EP]

paingiver – deorum mortis [ep]

Houston based quartet Paingiver, released debut EP featuring four alluring tracks to keep you tuned in just shy of 14 minutes. Cover art done by Misanthropic Art Illustrations showing us a circle of cloaked figures summoning this flame in detail illustrate lost souls rising upward; a volcanic earthy scheme ranging from asphalt in the sky, to hickory blended with sepia to outline smoky area above the isolated terrain, to a charcoal/pewter mix of ash this group is gathered around standing upon.

As far as their music, you can hear OSDM influences like Incantation and especially Morbid Angel from start to finish, hell even the bodies reflected within the flame on the cover made me think of “Blessed Are the Sick” (original art “Les Tresors de Satan” by Jean Delville) but their sound *whistles* is top notch for being just an EP. Paingiver also intertwines contemporary Death Metal influences in the realm of Krypts and Undergang as well as thread bits of doom aspects to devise this wonderfully crafted EP.

Starting with their album title track “Deorum Mortis” spacious and beautifully structured of melodically uniform guitar work accompanied by consistent use blast beats and how the tone almost shifts once you hear the harsh cadence spewing out, feeling like this took place in vast, chambered cavern with nice recording equipment. “Godless” is total increase in speed and intensity, giving in bits of groove breaks and eerie samples of wood burning flames towards the middle and end of track. “Tomb of Flesh” is the shortest but probably my favorite to mix in some groove buildup and feature a fiery quick solo (1:06-1:18) just before vocals kick in, THEN showcase a sexy bass line to take us out for a needed walk as the outro (2:26-2:42) as the cherry on top. Ugh wish this one was longer. And lastly, “Vindicta” is a the longest and hefty closer conveying vengeance, especially with the last lyric “Until all that remains is a pile of ash…I will revel in your suffering” Please check this out if you haven’t! (Tori Belle)