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Paganizer – World Lobotomy

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Ah, Paganizer…one of those bands we reviewed and promoted from the very first beginning in the days we were called Vampire Magazine. Let’s get strict to business and not dwell about the past or the fact it is one of the bands with Rogga Johansson in the line-up. Old School Groovy Swedish Death Metal. There you have it! Paganizer was, is en never will be a band who will cross boundaries in sake of being innovative. They keep on playing in the “Golden-era” vein of Swedish Death Metal. No compromises! Maybe the Entombed, Grave, Unleashed and 90% of the other Rogga bands-alike crusty riffs can be predictable, it is a nice ride still. But “World Lobotomy” is not an album to give it another spin right away, as I do think there are some better ones released the last couple of months (try the new Entrails just to name one of them). (Ricardo)