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Paganizer – 20 Years in a Terminal Grip

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20 years of Paganizer. Well, not exactly, as within those two decades Cyclone Empire have included the Terminal Grip years (1994-1997). Probably as it is the beginning of the musical career of Rogga Johansson. I’m not a fan of everything Johansson laid his hands on, but I do have a certain appreciation for his everlasting appetite to create extreme metal, especially when it has the Swedish buzz saw sound. When Paganizer is the subject, I’m quite critical about it. I really enjoyed the last EP they released called “Cadaver Casket (On a Gurney to Hell)” or “Dead Unburied”, but I think “Scandinavian Warmachine” was a bit too easy made and lacks certain inspiration. You could call it a rush-job. This compilation consists of 46 tracks, 2 discs of which the first one are the favorite tracks of Paganizer (aka Rogga) themselves and the second beholds rarities. For example two tracks of the Terminal Grip’s demos are on this disc. And like every well-made compilations you also receive a booklet full of photo collages with old lineups and rare pics through the years. And ofcourse liner notes. You can’t have a decent compilation without liner notes. While listening to disc 1, you can hear the differences, concerning sound, vocals and songwriting, between the many releases. It’s all 100% Swedish Death Metal, but it differs from, let’s say Hypocrisy’s “Fourth Dimension” to one-riff groovy Grave approaches. I have to say, although being critical, Rogga can be proud on his Paganizer-years. (Ricardo)