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Ossuary Insane – Decimation of the Flesh

ossuary insane – decimation of the flesh

A lot of stuff has been resurrected the past years, some of them being real gems and to some mandatory. Blood Harvest is giving us another forgotten underground obscurity from Ossuary Insane, an US Death Metal band that released a couple of demos and a full length during their career. Before being named Ossuary Insane the band was known as Ossuary and was formed already in 1995. The compilation contains their demos “Bottom Feeder” from 2006 and “Fallen to the Pits” from 1995, originally released as Ossuary. Why should someone give it a listen and buy this vinyl? Because it`s a killer US death metal release being somewhere between early Nile, Covenant era Morbid Angel and some slight New York death metal. The technical skills are good, the groove is badass and the stuff is brutal. They managed to make the songs interesting, not only seeking the gold in hyperspeeds but also in doomish atmospheric moments which you can find on an album like Nile`s “In Their darkened Shrines”. Some abrupt changes into grooveladen Thrash parts make those songs killer bangers and it makes me puzzling why this band didn`t reach more recognition. The older stuff has a more prominent Morpheus Descends or Suffocation sound without going too close to the originals. Fans of US death metal should give it a few spins. I really dug their 2006 demo. (DPF)