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Osmosis – Deciduous Altars of Obscure Liturgy [EP]

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Osmosis is a band I didn`t know before the release of the now reviewed „Deciduous Altars of Obscure Liturgy“ EP. This Spanish killer commando released a demo in 2010 entitled „Demo 2010“ showing their love for brutal sounds. The production is raw, natural, the vocals deep, the guitars murky, the drums pounding, the bass rumbling, all you love about the ugly face of blackened death/grind. Found some post/sludge parts in the sound too which only help to make the sound even darker than before. Maybe the production could have been less dry, making the atmosphere even darker(Grave Miasma for example). Fast blasting parts morphing into slow Morbid Angelesque wall of doom will tear your soul apart. More o fit please. In terms of musician ship they remind me of Artificial Brain sometimes. Good second offering with potential for higher comings. (DPF)