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Óreiða – Óreiða

Óreiða – Óreiða

Óreiða are a Black Metal band from Iceland and after producing two demos and a contribution on a split release Holocausto Em Chamas (on Harvest Of Death), this is their very first full length.

For a good 34 minutes long in playing time they offer us a wonderful journey through Iceland’s mythical history and awesome nature. One could see this effort as a grand expression or rendition … to life, death and afterlife.

There are no real vocals on this opus magnum. Opener “Dagar” (Days) detonates  with frenetic tremolo riffing and at the same time, bathing in greatness and epic grandeur. It is a monumental piece of music, that seems to come in waves and/or cascades. Second track “Draumar” (Dreams) is the same with blastbeat drumming and waves of engulfing melodic guitars and even flutes/synths (?).

“Daudi” (Death) sounds, as could be expected: darker, with a turmoil of guitars and … distant epic chanting or wailing. The rhythm section pounds relentlessly while a big ass solo guitar suddenly escapes from the vortex and starts leading  the song to its climax. All compositions are 7 to over 9 minutes in length by way, giving you the chance to marvel at their brilliant craftsmanship.

Final masterpiece “Draugar” (Spectres/Ghosts) the most haunting opus of them all, an icy descent into darkness and chaos, is simply overwhelming. All fuses get blown on this track!!

It is Black Metal for sure, but dedicated to the Icelandic vastness of emotions and perceptions.  Play at maximum volume and feel yourself getting sucking into the void. What an experience! I needed a breath of fresh air and a smoke afterwards to recover from this album.

A very original approach to Black Metal music – worthy of the still evolving roster of signed bands to Signal Rex / Harvest of Death in Portugal. (LV)