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Orae – Disbirth [Demo]

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The life of a metalhead would be so much simple if we didn’t had all those sub and sub-sub genres. We probably have a thousand of those and some were created just to categorize one single band (probably created by the band). It’s getting ridiculous, really. But then, there’s also the “post-“ sub-genre. Something that is not even metal, belonging more to the alternative music world than to our beloved metal world. Orae, from Germany, are one of those bands that play “Post-Black/Death Metal”, whatever that is. There’s really nothing metal about them (in my humble opinion), although they tag themselves (at bandcamp) with the labels “black metal” and “death metal”. I certainly agree with the other labels (“drone”, “experimental”, “psychedelic”). They just released their debut EP, a four track tape (5 tracks available on the digital version) with 36 minutes. The music is very confusing but not bad. If you forget about the “metal” label, it’s certainly a good record with some very interesting and original compositions. Some of it reminds me of Joy Division, which is a good thing. If you’re into the alternative side of music, check them out. (Antonio)