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Old Skull – Death Rattle [EP]

old skull – death rattle [ep]

So many great bands out now! And these guys are not afraid to use guitar feedback in the recording. Old Skull “Death Rattle” is the EP I had the pleasure of reviewing today and I enjoy it immensely when a band doesn’t over power a guitar with noise gates. Letting the feedback shine as a part of the sound and incorporating it into the actual riffs is a lost art and what a pleasure to hear these guys utilize it.

Man, these guitar riffs are catchy as hell and this had my head bobbing the entire time. No cheesy samples and no guitar solos but it didn’t matter. The vocals are killer and the singer was really having a fun time with it you could tell. This is confident playing and I would love to see this band live.

Pounding slow double bass over heavy and groovy Death Metal the old way and Black Sabbath type guitar trills is just sick and evil. This is filled with a lot of down picked riffing and heavy evil sounding Death Metal chords.

The band is far from a Doom band, don’t get me wrong, as they incorporate fast parts  devoid of the over used blasting and grinding as it is used here very sparingly and I love the way the drumming compliments this EP. Vocals almost reminded me of old Carcass and occasionally Autopsy which is also great! The bass undertones are also a nice compliment to the Guitars.

“Father of Woe” and “Fueled by Fear”  speeds up more than the first 2 tracks and offers a nice compliment and a very good mix to the way the band has the order of songs on here. For sure if you are the type who would look to something else by this point there is no doubt “Father of Woe” will have you pulled back in.

For sure Old Skull has their own way of doing things and I don’t notice that they blatantly re hash other bands riffs in the songs either. Definitely this offers some unique ideas in this style if you have an ear for being able to pick that out. The last song is just as sick as the first.

Remember how Celtic Frost in the early years would slide around on the guitar chords and hit low note bends? Yeah this band does it well! I could imagine these guys are Death Metal Maniacs all the way and are having a lot of fun with this band.

At only 19 Minutes long this EP had me begging for more, well done. I can only hope I have the pleasure of reviewing the next one. (Evil Mike)