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Offal – Horrorfiend

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Offal was formed in 2002 under the name “Orgy in Excrements”, a homage to the song by Autopsy. After an initial breakup, they reformed in 2003 under the current name. Three years later, they released their first full length and managed to stay busy, releasing another album and a small collection of splits. Their latest effort was released by Razorback Records and features amazing artwork, courtesy of none other than the legendary Mark Riddick. It is a huge step forward, featuring nine songs with excellent production, bringing justice to the musical and writing qualities of this Brazilian band. It has everything to be the record that will put them on the map, worldwide. So, how do they sound like, you may ask? Let me give you their own description, which fits like a glove: “an old-school death metal splatterfeast from the rotten entrails of the late 80’s / early 90’s flesh-ripping cult!”. Still not sure what to except? Well, Offal smells and feels like the mighty Autopsy all over the place… Although the term “offal” may be considered as waste stuff that is thrown away, make sure you check “Horrorfiend” out. You won’t regret it! (Antonio)