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Odiosior – Syvyyksistä

odiosior – syvyyksistä

Unlike many recent releases, this “Syvyyksistä” starts out in a “violent” way. Without giving the listener the chance to prepare, A. Vexd (Kangeheet and To Conceal the Horns) drags the unwary into a storm of aggression and controlled fury. Coming from the Finnish school of Black Metal, Odiosior – one man band – has his first album here, following the 2019 EP – “Odiosior”.

What can we find in these 7 themes? Black Metal and Melody and some groove … to mention that the mentor of this project was previously part of Ghost Brigade (Melodic Death / Doom Metal, Depressive Rock, Post-Metal), which may justify some of the less Metal Black moments, for so to speak, with which we are presented. There is a lot of attention to the guitar work, also reminiscent of Finnish Black Metal, in which the instrument’s melody is, most of the time, owners and master of the music. In terms of drums, the scenario is very strong: consistent and with a production that allows us to listen to everything.

Basically, the sound present here does not escape much from the formula that we have been offered for years by musicians from the country of the Thousand Lakes: Peso VS Melodia. Under a mantle of power, there is a melodic line that joins the previously mentioned, creating a web that balances and complements.

The sound is classified as Black Metal Experimental … it did not go so far in its labelling, but I consider that the fact that the music has departed, a little, from the line already drawn, adds freshness and diversity. A little bit of Satanic Warmaster, here and there, a little more of something different … it ends up creating some interesting hodgepodge. (DanielP)