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Odiosior – Odiosior [EP]

odiosior – odiosior [ep]

Odiosior is a Finnish Black Metal one-man-band from one A. Vexd (Kangeheet, To Conceal the Horns, ex-Alghazanth, ex-Ghost Brigade), and what we have here is the re-release of the project’s first Demo (“Odiosior”), originally release by the musician in 2019 (and later by Worship Tapes / Purity Through Fire), and now available through Spread Evil Productions.

Musically speaking, the project’s sound is clearing evocative of 90s Black Metal, with a production, clean enough to enable the listener to understand everything that is going on in this release. Attention to the guitar parts, addressing melody at every note, giving the tracks a very deep and fierce sound.

Production, again, showing what a clean sound can do to help, even if never taking away, from the tracks, a single bit of power and might! Almost epic sounding, at times! It’s the 90s influence, my friends! You can’t go 90s Black Metal and not feel that epic approach to the genre… (almost) impossible.

“Antaudu Yölle” is, in my modest opinion, an excellent example of that epic factor, if I may say: it grows and grows, it turns, from a storm, to an vastly epic and melodic moment. Globally speaking, “Odiosior”, as an EP, revolves around this dicotomy: melody and epicness, cold cutting riffs.

The end result is quite nice. Now, after this one, go give the new one a listen, if you may… (DanielP)