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Obscure Burial – Epiphany

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If mid and end-1980s Death Metal along with the sound like it is recorded with a tape recorder in the middle of the rehearsal room, still makes you go bananas, look no further! Obscure Burial from Finland are without any doubt the nowadays version of ancient Black/Death Metal in the vein of Sadistic Intent and Necrovore with slight touches of Morbid Angel and Asphyx now and then (just listen to “Daemonic Incantation”) as well as Darkthrone (the title track). Everything is raw as fuck and could be easily from the period of time I just described. But this isn’t raw just for the sake of being raw…no…if it would have a better production, it would be a derogation of this little sordid trip to Hell. The gurgling vocals and squealing guitars with the accompanying feedback, it needs this sound. Recommending this to someone who worships the latest Behemoth, is like throwing a surprise BBQ ‘n Booze fest for a straight-edge vegan. Don’t do it and don’t bother cause that soul is already lost… Old School, and I mean really Old School Maniacs, check this one out and let Obscure Burial take you back 30 years. (Ricardo)