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Obscenity – Retaliation

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Yet another death metal band has release a great album…German band Obscenity has released their 9th full length album on the Kolony Records label. A little less than 45 minutes they give the listeners a great dose of pure death metal in the vein of Severe Torture and in the faster parts they do remind me slightly of the band Master (or it has to be the accent vocalist Tobias Mueller that gives me that feeling). The vocals are nice deep grunts you’ll discover and the riffs go deep and sometimes progressive and/or more melodic, and when you add perfect timed blastbeats to this sound, well, then you’re on the good track. The sound seems slow, but don’t be misguided cause this one is how I call it a ‘false slow’ album. Is this a stand out death metal album? Goh, not really, but it’s surely pleasant to give this one a try cause there are definitely worse bands on this planet! Overall seen they won’t be the new band in town, but it won’t hurt you to listen this one out. My favorite track is ‘Innate Depravity’. (Fredde)