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Obscene [USA] – Sermon of the Snake [Demo]

obscene [usa] – sermon of the snake [demo]

At first started as Blood Chasm, but quickly changed the moniker into Obscene, these guys from Indianapolis (UDSA) wanted to play Old School Death Metal and are influenced by Cianide, Demigod, Asphyx and Edge of Sanity among others. So basically trying to create the best out of the US, Swedish and European scene of the early 90s. Well, it is definitely Old School Death Metal with a Doomy touch and simple mid-tempo riffs with an occasional pace change, are the foundation of “Sermon of the Snake”. Can’t say the music is really convincing certainly concerning all the Old School Death Metal releases nowadays, it is a bit too generic to recommend this to anyone. Yet the vocals are a positive remark for this demo, as vocalist Kyle Shaw sounds a bit like Tompa in the early At The Gates days. But as a whole, I hope they will come back with something better. (Ricardo)