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Nurt Ognia – Nurt ognia [EP]

nurt ognia – nurt ognia [ep]

Nurt Ognia, translated as ‘Fire Current’ is an industrial/martial/power elecronics/metal band. Probably from Poland, as there seems to be no real intel about this act. Everything about Nurt Ognia is cloaked in darkness.

What do Nurt Ognia bring?

The first track, a hybrid tech/mix/metal punishment, spanning over 10 minutes dishes out the vision of an apocalyptic wasteland, covered in chemical fumes. Where acid rain pours from the sky and where everything is covered in rust, decay and grey darkness. A world, broken beyond repair…

The metal parts or influences still have the upper hand on this MCD, backed up by a noisy and quite unsettling wall of industrial and power electronics. Otherwise – it would be a cascade of annoying electronic noise.

Vocalwise, the reverbing cave man growls remind me of the Veinen demo, “Black Hypnosis” (2005), Skin Chamber, early Godflesh… even some old Pitch Shifter. You name it. And they’re all over the place. Tortured howls from a wounded beast badly in need of a mercy killing.

It may sound chaotic and appalling at first, but there’s actually a structure in all three tracks. You just have to pay attention.  Nurt Ognia is one of those bands/projects that are capable of merging different types of music into one giant atrocity of raw violence and metallic brutality, like Antichrist Kramer and his Intolitarian.

Distorted guitars, guitars that are out of tune, industrial stomping, mechanical interludes – Nurt Ognia manage to defile and break everything they can get their hands on.  Nurt Ognia hardly have any musical elements – this is pure sound: a raging inferno of abrasive harsh industrial and primordial bestiality.


This type of music has its devotees, growing in numbers as we speak, and I have to admit that Putrid Cult & Under The Sign Of Garazel did a very fine job in releasing this mind shattering piece of carnage. Too bad, it’s only 26 minutes in playing time. Let us hope this is an appetizer.

Those into harsh industrial and brutal metal with a good measure of bleak apocalyptic dimensions, genre Kapala, the Veinen project of old, Intolitarian and other extremists/terrorists need not to hesitate for a second. This ‘Fire Current’ is going to incinerate everything on its path… And of course : to be played at maximum volume.

And me? I’m grasping on to this puppy, until the Corona apocalypse wears off and I am able to terrorize my poor neighbours again. Cheerz! (LCF)