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Norns / Shroud of Satan – Where Demons Prevail [Split]

norns / shroud of satan – where demons prevail [split]

Not sure if it is an old recording of Norns that was lying on the shelf or if it is a come-back but it seems Norns from Finland, with Behemoth of Aske along with Nattfog-members in the ranks, was split-up when this 7” vinyl was released.

But what is not debatable is the fact that this split with Shroud of Satan, is a fine piece of 90s Second Wave Black Metal. Norns has the more the traditional and colder approach than their German compadre as Shroud of Satan displays a melodic with keys enhanced atmosphere, harsher version of Dimmu Borgir’s “Stormblåst” like Black Metal. Not sure if their new material will sound like this, but that would be quite interesting, if you ask me.

Absolutely a good split with varied 90s Second Wave Black Metal. (Ricardo)