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Noose Rot – The Creeping Unknown [EP]

noose rot – the creeping unknown [ep]

All too many bands nowadays label themselves as the ‘old school Death Metal’ bands, but then they add little almost sing along choruses, too much melody and / or start using too much math (as in technical death metal) in their own music and consequently they use all of their primal brutality that the real old school Death Metal (beside other good things) is famous for.

This is where Noose Rot, a Minnesotan Death Metal band composed from veterans who have cut their teeth in bands like Gatecreeper and Wolvhammer, come in. Reviving the primitive and putrid of the old school death metal in a stale modern death metal with their gut wrenching take on death metal, filled with relentless riffing, grinding drumming and deep growls directly from hell. This is how destruction sounds.

This EP is the bands first release and although very short, clocking in at barely 16 minutes, it shows youngsters where their place is. Consider yourself warned, they mean business. (Black Mary)