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Nominon / Morbosidad – Maldiciones Impuras [EP]

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And here we go…2 new exclusive tracks, Swedish Brutality versus North American Barbarity. When it comes to Nominon, this is their first sign of life after their very well received “The Cleansing” album, their fifth full-length, in 2012. Although Nominon keeps on playing their Hymns of Death like they did on “The Cleansing”, this new track called “Of Ancient Craft” has some more chaos in it comparing it to the common Nominon musical outbursts. This is track is more like the title track of their last album. When it is at full speed it’s crammed with fast riffs and ditto drums while in the middle of the track it’s more the Swedish Death Metal that comes to the surface. Shifting towards the second band on this split: Morbosidad. For the ones who don’t know this bestial Death/Black Metal band, they play in the vein of Blasphemy, Sarcofago or more recent hordes Teitanblood and Impiety; War metal! The track “Pestilencia de Chaos” says it all…Chaos! Fast riffing, gun machine sounding drums and blaspheme shouts is all you get from Morbosidad. Not for the feint harted. (Ricardo)