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Noctem Aeternus – Landscape of Discord

noctem aeternus – landscape of discord

The foundations of this atmospheric Black Metal record lie surely in the 90s era, but just the foundation as there are also modern elements in the latest release of the one-man-project Noctem Aeternus from Argentina.

The songs are epic with powerful melodic components in it but an additional enjoyment for the listener are the orchestral parts which are not played by a synth or keyboard but by the actual instruments. The whole album is very catchy and there are many memorable parts on the 55 minutes record. The vocals are traditional blackened screams with a lot of passion behind them, and all the other musical elements fit perfectly together.

When you are a fan of orchestral atmospheric Black Metal, grab you copy of “Landscape of Discord”. Even if you’ve nothing to do with this kind of Black Metal, you can give it a try. This album makes fun to listen to. (HaCeBo)